• Renewing my British Cycling membership?

    My letter to British Cycling regarding the renewal of my membership.



    Hi there,

    I’ve just had an email saying my membership is due for renewal – I’m a BC Coach working with Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dragons and have been a BC member for the last 20 years.
    I’m loathe to renew my membership with BC now that it has partnered with Shell UK, who have been one of the greatest contributors to global warming through their use of and investment in fossil fuels. Shell have also being heavily involved in climate change denial and funding think-tanks and lobby groups to campaign against action on climate change.
    Please advise what you intend to do about your partnership with this climate-wrecking organisation. Are you going to drop your ties with them?
    I’ll consider your response and then decide whether or not I should renew my membership. I don’t honestly see how I can continue to affiliate to BC if you continue to partner with them. This will be a real shame because I’ve been involved in the development of the sport at grassroots level for many years and would hate to discontinue my involvement.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Steve Beech

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