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Whether you’re a complete beginner to mountain biking or a competent rider wishing to advance your skills, Wheelism offers coaching and courses which can be tailored to suit your needs. All of our MTB courses are offered on a group or a one-to-one basis and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please read our reviews or contact us for more details.

Beginner’s MTB Course


Our Beginner’s MTB course will give you the confidence and skills to head off-road, enabling you to ride singletrack safely and enjoyably. The Beginners MTB course is a 1 day course covering all the basics of mountain biking:

  • Bike Set-up and Safety Check
  • Body Positions on the bike
  • Balance and movement on the bike
  • Gear Selection for efficient riding
  • Effective Controlled Braking


Intermediate MTB Course


Our Intermediate MTB course will help you to build on skills learned on the beginners course, enabling you to ride technical trails with more confidence and greater speed. The Intermediate MTB course is a 1 day course covering all the basics and then focussing on the following skills:

  • Wheel lifts (powered and manual)
  • Bunny Hops and Trail Hops
  • Step Ups
  • Drop Offs
  • Cornering (berms, flat and off-camber turns)
  • Energy Management


Advanced MTB Course


Our Advanced MTB course is aimed at competent riders who wish to hone their skills on advanced terrain. The Advanced MTB course is a 1 day course covering the following skills:

  • Suspension Tuning
  • Jumps and drops
  • Cornering (berms, flat and off-camber turns)
  • Advanced Energy Management for efficient riding

To get the most from our Advanced MTB course we recommend doing a one-to-one course, as this will give the instructor plenty of time to focus on your specific riding style, ensuring that you progress as much as possible during the session.

Your Coach:

Steve Beech has been riding MTB for the last 30 years, coaching for the last 12 years, and running a bike shop (Beics Brenin at Coed y Brenin) for the last 8 years. He is still lead coach at Beics Brenin, and regularly runs sessions for the local kids’ MTB club – Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dragons.

A British Cycling certified MTB Coach (with SMBLA, MTB Leader, Cytech and DT Swiss mechanics certificates to boot, he’s got all the skills and experience to ensure you get the most progression from your coaching session.

Steve Beech


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