Bicycle Maintenance Courses

Whether you’re an occasional bike rider who wants a well maintained bike with minimum fuss, or an avid rider wanting to do all your own repairs, one of our bicycle maintenance courses will ensure you’re only doing the right things for your bike, making your bike run smoother for longer, saving yourself money on repairs, and adding a new and useful skill to your biking experience.

Our workshop based courses can be held at our classroom workshop in Abergynolwyn, or at a venue closer to you. Our trail-side courses run in a location to suit you.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course

Learn the skills to keep your bike running smoothly – from oiling the chain to adjusting
gears, you’ll learn techniques and skills to keep your bike running at its best.

Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance

Our Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course will teach you

  • Bike Safety Check – how to make sure your bike is safe to ride.
  • How to clean your bike properly. A clean bike makes for a more reliable bike!
  • What to lube, where to lube, how to lube and what lubes to use.
  • How to set up your gears – front mechs, rear mechs and chain line. How to split, fix and measure your chain.
  • Brakes – how to set up rim brakes, and replace pads on both rim and disk brakes
  • Headsets – how to adjust your headset to remove play.

The Basic Maintenance Course lasts 1 Day and cost £70 per person (2-6 people)

Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Course

A more in-depth course covering replacing parts and components – headsets, bottom
brackets, hubs, brakes, and gears – learn to take them apart and put them back to together

Bearing Cups, Flanges and Spoke Ends

Bearing Cups, Flanges and Spoke Ends

Our Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Course covers everything in the Basic Maintenance Course and also the following procedures:

  • Headset Servicing
  • Bottom Bracket replacement
  • Hub Service
  • Spoke Replacement and Wheel Truing
  • Gears set-up
  • Brake Bleeding

The Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Course lasts 3 Days and cost £150 per person (3-4 people)

Trail-side Maintenance Course

No matter how good your bike is and how well it’s looked after, at some point on the trail we all have mechanical breakdowns. On this course you will learn what kind of breakdowns you’re likely to experience, how to maintain your bike to minimise the likelihood of a breakdown, what to carry in case of breakdown, and what to do if a breakdown actually happens. And the best bit? You’ll learn all this whilst out riding on the trails of North Wales.

Trailside Maintenance

Trailside Maintenance

The trailside course lasts 5 hours and costs £60 per person. (2-6) persons. 

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