• A long day in the saddle….

    Yesterday was a good day.

    During the daylight hours I rode with Mark and Stu from Bala Watersports, around some of the trails at Coed y Brenin that they were less familiar with. At various points during the ride we’d all stop and I’d break their bikes.

    Trailside Maintenance was the reason for such vandalism: how to fix your bike when it breaks so that you can make it back to civilisation (in our case – the cafe) safely and quickly.

    Getting to grips torn tyres and punctured tubes.

    Getting to grips torn tyres and punctured tubes.

    We covered everything from punctured tubes, broken spokes, lost jockey wheels, to crisped wheels, broken handlebars, and trashed rear mechs.

    We even found time to visit the bothy in the woods for a quick lunch.

    After night fell I was back out on the trails again, this time with Terry from Mid Wales Climbing, explaining the ins-and-outs of night riding. Terry was armed with our 1200 lumen hire lights, which properly light up the woods and, as well as having a real blast on some of the steeper Coed y Brenin trails sections, we also spotted some of the local fallow deer leaping across the trail.

    All in all, a great end to a long and fabulous day.

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